Hot Weekend Weather-Wise Expected at Country Thunder Music Festival

As Country Thunder fans know by now, it’s a hot weekend for the annual music festival.

Today’s (Sat) expected high is 30 degrees, which means there’s a strong risk of heat stroke and dehydration.

Emergency Services Coordinator Belinda Mitchell says there’s a few things concert goers need to remember.

“Drink lots of fluids, wear hats and of course it’s a big party, everybody likes their alcohol, but they need to make sure that water is as equally important, sunscreens are important as well to protect their skin.” Mitchell said.
Mitchell says there’s two locations people can find medical help if need be.
“We have the two locations down on the end of Main Street, one in the dispatch office and one out back.”
Today’s entertainment on the main stage is jam-packed, including the Reklaws, Travis Tritt, and headliner Tim McGraw.


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