Preparations Being Made for Upcoming Federal Carbon Tax Challenge at the Supreme Court of Canada

The Attorney Generals from Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario met in Saskatoon to prepare for an upcoming appearance in the Supreme Court of Canada.
The provinces are challenging the constitutionality of the federal carbon tax.
Saskatchewan Attorney General Don Morgan says they were talking legal strategy.
“The arguments initially when we went to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal are the same ones,” Morgan said. “We also talked about what the nature of the legislation was…what the purpose of it was, how it fits in the peace, order and good government and the need for a national paramountcy and where that would fit and where that doesn’t fit.”
When asked why the same points will be used in the Supreme Court when cases in Saskatchewan and Ontario lost, Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey said they’re doing it “with the wisdom that we’ve heard at the Court of Appeal level.”
Also with it being a federal election year, the question of is it worth while to appear in the Supreme Court if there is a change in government was asked to Attorney General Don Morgan.
“It’s possible that a change in government would mean the tax wouldn’t go ahead. We think that we want to be ready in case there isn’t a change, but also even if there isn’t a change in government we think it’s worth while to try and send a precedent that clearly defines where environment falls on a division of powers between federal and provincial governments.” Morgan replied.
A tentative date of December 5th has been set aside for when the Supreme Court will hear the case.

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