Yorkton Brick Mill Heritage Society Looking to City Council for Future Financial Support for Brick Mill Renovations

The Yorkton Brick Mill Heritage Society presented to Yorkton City Council last (Mon) night, in hopes of receiving financial support in the future.
“The intention of the presentation was to show what’s been done to date and the fundraising activities, and so on,” said spokesperson Larry Pearen.
Pearen said the city made a proposal to them, “asking if the society would be interested in purchasing the mill, and that way take ownership of doing the renovations and more activity on that site. By doing so then it shares responsibility with the City continuing to own the land but the building – per say – would be sold to the society.”
The Brick Mill has been under renovations for some time, in hopes of turning it into a tourist attraction.
“A brand new roof, the foundation has been repaired and externally all the bricks and the cracks have been fixed as well,” Pearen mentioned. “We’re working on the site a little bit, trees have been planted…and then the next focus is identify potential sponsors for an addition.”
Other ideas for the mill are a coffee shop, art centre, or an open space for rental among others.

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