Group Concerned About Fuel Shortages Due to Regina Co-op Refinery Lockout

As the lockout at the Co-Op refinery continues, there are many who are now starting to get worried after Co-Op announced fuel restrictions on cardlocks earlier this week with a 100 litre per day limit on gasoline and 300 litre limit per day on diesel being put into effect across the Prairies.

That has the president of the Paramedics Service Chiefs of Saskatchewan feeling a little antsy.

Kelly Prime says 100 litres a day isn’t enough for some drivers where a Co-Op cardlock is the only station in town.

“Co-Op has infrastructure in place that allows us access at all times of day.” Prime said. “If each ambulance is only allowed 100 litres, paramedics could run out of fuel when responding to an emergency or trying to take a patient to a hospital.”

Prime stresses they are no taking no sides in the dispute which began December 5, but says for the good of all Saskatchewan and to prevent any possible tragedies that a deal needs to be reached as soon as possible.


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