Regina Co-op Refinery Dispute Continues

Federated Co-op says they don’t believe binding arbitration is a good way forward in the labour dispute between F-C-L and Unifor Local 594.

F-C-L says despite the national union’s insistence on binding arbitration, the only way a deal that works for both sides can get done is at the table.
C-E-O Scott Banda says in a news release that F-C-L has to live with the deal after Unifor executives leave Saskatchewan, so setting arbitrary deadlines and requesting binding arbitration doesn’t help get a deal done.
However, F-C-L says they’re still committed to bargaining as soon as Unifor abides by court injunctions in Saskatchewan and Alberta to remove blockades around Co-op facilities.

Meanwhile, Regina Police are continuing to limit vehicle traffic on 9th Avenue North near the Co-op refinery.

Police will be stopping vehicles, and only allowing those with business at the refinery through.
Unifor picketers will be able to walk onto the grounds with signs, flags, and other information material on the labour dispute.

In a statement, police say this will likely be continued until a decision on Thursday’s court application is made, as Co-op is seeking fines of up to 100 thousand dollars per day the blockades were up, and jail time for Unifor members, including 594 President Kevin Bittman.

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