Sask. Government Applauds Ottawa’s Announcement that Rail Blockades Need to Come Down

The Saskatchewan government is pleased that Ottawa has said it’s time for the blockades to come down.

Over the last couple weeks, rail blockades have established across the country including one near Belleville, Ontario that has been set up for about two weeks.

During a news conference in Ottawa Friday afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the blockades must come down.

The PM said after two weeks, the barricades have to be taken down. Premier Scott Moe says there has been more than enough time for negotiations.

The premier adds in Canada, we have the right to protest, but we don’t have the right to break the law.

When speaking to reporters in Saskatoon Friday, Moe said Canadians have been patient and at some point in time the injunctions that have been deemed by the courts will have to be enforced.

Moe also added that the federal government is now at the point of action the Saskatchewan government has wanted to see for some time in terms of action.

Premier Moe says he travelled to a number of communities across the province this past week. During that period he heard that many local businesses have felt the impact of the rail blockades.

The province exports $2 billion dollars worth of exports by rail every month.


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