Saskatchewan Government Releases List Of Flights Containing Passengers With COVID-19

The Saskatchewan Government released a list of 14 flights that carried passengers who have since tested positive for COVID-19.

All but two of the flights cite which rows that are expected to have been affected.

Anyone affected is asked to self-isolate and self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

Six of the flights landed at John G. Diefenbaker Airport in Saskatoon, while five landed at Regina Internation Airport.

The other three flights were connector flights that landed in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary from various destinations.

A list of flights includes as follows:

-Sunwing WG 0217 from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and Cunagua, Cuba to Saskatoon on March 19 (rows 9-12)

-Air Canada AC 1119 from Toronto to Regina on March 17 (rows 1-15)

-WestJet WS 3372 from Calgary to Saskatoon on March 15 (seat information unavailable)

-WestJet WS 3238 from Edmonton to Calgary on March 15 (seat information unavailable)

-WestJet WS 3300 from Calgary to Regina on March 14 (rows 14-20)

-WestJet WS 3268 from Edmonton to Regina on March 14 (rows 5-11)

-WestJet WS 0323 from Toronto to Saskatoon on March 14 (rows 17-20)

-Sunwing WG 0540 from Cancun, Mexico to Regina on March 14 (rows 23-29)

-WestJet WS 3263 from Regina to Edmonton on March 11 (rows 12-18)

-WestJet WS302 from Vancouver to Regina on March 11 (rows 5-9)

-WestJet WS1333 from Las Vegas, Nev. to Saskatoon on March 8 (rows 3-9)

-Sunwing WG0292 from Cancun, Mexico to Saskatoon on March 7 (rows 23-29)

-Air Canada AC1121 from Toronto to Saskatoon on March 6 (rows 2-15)

-Egypt Air MS0095 from Cairo, Egypt to Toronto on March 5 (rows 12-23)

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