Provincial Government Invests $80-Million into Long-Term Care Facilities Across Saskatchewan

Rural and remote health minister Warren Kaeding says today is a great day for senior-care in Saskatchewan.

Kaeding makes that statement after the province announces new long-term care homes will be built in La Ronge and Grenfell at a cost of $73 million.

Kaeding says the home in Grenfell will replace one that had to close a few years ago.
“Grenfell currently has no long-term care facility in the community,” Kaeding said. “Just deemed to be some serious structural issues, so residents there have been placed in other long-term facilities around the area.”
The Grenfell Pioneer home was shut down in 2018 with members from the town coming to the Legislature last year asking the government to build a new home.
The new facility in La Ronge will see one that goes from the current 16 beds to 80 which Kaeding says will mean a significant expansion in capacity and service in the region.
The remaining money from the $80-million investment will be going to over 80 priority renewal projects in 51 long-term care facilities across the province.
Kaeding says those projects vary.
“Part of the needs identified were found in the CEO Tours, concerns were expressed about ventilation, about drafty windows,” he said.
Funding for this comes from a two-year capital plan that was announced in Monday’s budget.
Concern for Long-term Care Facilities from Opposition NDP
The NDP is worried about long-term care facilities across Saskatchewan.
Opposition leader Ryan Meili says a recent report points to inadequate staffing in many locations.
“In Biggar there is quote, ‘not enough staff to meet residents needs’. In Prince Albert there is quote, ‘not enough staff to meet resident needs’. And in Duck Lake, Warman, Strasbourg, Lampman, Saskatoon, Macklin and Rosetown Mr. Speaker, it’s the same – there is not enough staff to meet residents needs.” Meili said in the Legislature during Question Period.
In response, Kaeding says the province has added 700 staff and increased funding by 45 percent for long term care since 2007.
He adds residents and family members are more than 83 percent satisfied with long term care facilities in this province.

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