Work Towards Purchasing C-T Scanner for the Swan Valley Ongoing: Medical Services Committee Chair Duane Whyte

The medical services committee in the Swan Valley continues to work toward purchasing a C-T scanner for their hospital.
Committee chair Duane Whyte says the all of the municipalities in the area have committed to getting one.
“We’ve agreed in principal that we want this thing to happen and we’re going to try and figure out a process whereby we can pay for the C-T Scanner itself, we’ll have to do some fundraising obviously and where we access the money from service clubs and/or the doc recruiting fund itself.” Whyte said.
Whyte says the community has already raised over 1-million dollars for the new scanner.
But Whyte says some of the money raised so far, will be used to attract doctors who are originally from the Swan Valley, back to the area.
Whyte says they’ve been told by a local doctor that it needs to happen.
“Tyler Burnside met with us and he said that the C-T Scanner is really important to the medical professionals to diagnose, and if we ever want to get maternity (services) back we need a surgeon or two. If we don’t have a C-T Scanner it’d be unlikely that we would get the surgeon.” he said.

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