Federal Conservatives Introduce Proposal to make Canada Emergency Response Benefit More Flexible

A new proposal for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit has been brought forward by the Conservative Party.
Yorkton-Melville MP Cathay Wagantall states a new Back to Work Incentive program has been proposed to make the CERB more flexible.
“It’s an incentive program that says, ‘keep your CERB and if you earn more than that thousand dollars, that’s great for you’ and the CERB will basically be replaced by a Back to Work bonus in that you can continue to collect it in smaller amounts as you earn more.” Wagantall explained.
“We want the economy up-and-running as close to normal as possible, as quickly as possible, but the way the CERB is set up right now, you don’t have the freedom to go back to work for more than a thousand dollars worth of income and that includes your holiday pay…that type of thing.” she added.
Currently, if Canadians earn more than one-thousand dollars, they would lose the 2-thousand dollars from the CERB.
If passed, the Back to Work bonus will be available for workers who make between one and five-thousand dollars a month.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on June 16, the CERB will be extended by two more months.

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