CRA: Check For Benefits You May Be Able To Apply For on Income Taxes

The Canada Revenue Agency is reminding everyone to check for any benefits they may be able to apply for in their taxes, and in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, that includes the climate action incentive payment.

Saskatchewan CRA spokesperson, Joanne De Waal (dee wall) says the payment is for any provinces that don’t have their own climate action plan accepted by the federal government.

The payment has gone up this year to an average of $1,000 for an eligible family of four.

For single people, it’s $500 and a total of $750 for a couple.

The federal government says in the provinces with a carbon tax, most households receive more money back than they would pay through the tax.

De Waal adds that for seniors, there are a number of credits and benefits to take advantage of.

With pension income splitting, if you have a private pension, you can split it between you and your spouse or common law partner to reduce the amount of tax you might owe.

Other tax credits include the caregiver, disability, home accessibility, age and medical expense tax credits.

De Waal suggests if you don’t have all of your pharmacy receipts, you can ask your pharmacist for an annual printout.

Climate Action Incentive Payment Amounts for 2021

(delivered through 2020 personal income tax returns)

Single adult or first adult in a couple:

Ontario $300

Manitoba $360

Saskatchewan $500

Alberta $490

Second adult of a couple or first child of a single parent

Ontario $150

Manitoba $180

Saskatchewan $250

Alberta $245

Each child under 18, starting with second child for single parents

Ontario $75

Manitoba $90

Saskatchewan $125

Alberta $123

Average Climate Action Incentive Payments, per Household, for 2021

(Average cost impact per household of the federal system)

Ontario $439

Manitoba $462

Saskatchewan $720

Alberta $598

(Average Climate Action Incentive Payment per household)

Ontario $592

Manitoba $705

Saskatchewan $969

Alberta $953


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