Vaccination Underway at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre, Outbreak Appearing to Slow Down

The COVID-19 outbreak at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre, appears to be slowing down.
A total of 97 cases are linked to the outbreak: 14 are patients, including 2 in ICU, 45 are secondary cases, 32 are healthcare staff and 6 are visitors.

It is a slight increase from 90 reported last Thursday (Feb. 4).
The Interim Director of Acute Care for the Yorkton area, Janna-Lea Yawney, says the suspected outbreaks at the 2nd West Obstetrics and 2nd South Pediatric and Medicine Units have been lifted, since no additional cases have been connected to those areas.
She also says the outbreaks in the 1st East and West Medical Units, declared January 19, and the Intensive Care Unit, declared January 17, continue to show no further transmission of COVID-19.
“So the countdown is on, and we’re hopeful within the near future we will be able to lift the ICU one and the medicine one just given the volume of staff and patients in those areas,” Yawney said. “We’re certainly seeing our numbers come down and that tells us we’re making the grounds that we’re wanting to and getting ahead on the transmission.”
She explained an outbreak is declared for a minimum of 28 days, from the last date of transmission, and the decision to officially declare the outbreak over is up to the SHA Medical Health Officer for Yorkton, Dr. Ashok Chhetri.
COVID-19 Vaccines Administered to Staff
About 169 acute care staff at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre included in phase 1 of the province’s vaccination plan received a shot of the vaccine last week.
It’s expected next week another 37 acute care workers identified in phase 1 will be vaccinated.
Since Yawney is a front-line care manager, she was also included in phase 1 of the plan and received the vaccine.
“Nothing other than a sore arm for a day, maybe two, and that was about it. Quick and painless.” she said of her experience afterward.
She says some of the hospital staff are included in phase 2 of the plan, “a decision that was made on a provincial recommendation as far as who is in phase 1 and phase 2.”
“We’re vaccinating accordingly” Yawney said.

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