Over 50-Million Dollars Invested In Saskatchewan Infrastructure Projects

The Saskatchewan government is teaming up with Ottawa, to support 55 projects across the province, through the new COVID-19 Resilience Stream, of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

Ottawa’s contribution is just over 21 million dollars, while the province is providing just under 16.5 million, and the recipients, will contribute 12.5 million to their projects, meaning a total investment of over 50 million dollars.

Yorkton will receive just under 649-thousand dollars in funding, to upgrade the Logan Green Pathway, while Wadena receives just over 277-thousand to put a new metal roof on the town’s recreation centre and Langenburg will get nearly 351-thousand dollars, to design and build about 12 kilometres of multi-use pathways to connect recreation facilities and community spaces.

Bredenbury will get almost 112-thousand dollars, to repair and upgrade the old school building, while nearly 74-thousand dollars have been earmarked for the village of Endeavour to replace and expand their sidewalk system.

As well, over 428-thousand dollars will go to Indian Head, for paving and upgrades to the Sunbeam Creek Walking Trail.

In Fort Qu’Appelle, just over 517-thousand dollars will support improvements at the Rexentre, while the village of Lipton will get almost 111-thousand, for drainage repairs and upgrades.

Rose Valley, meanwhile, will receive just shy of 120-thousand dollars, for retrofits to the town office, recreation complex and community centre.

Broadview will receive just under 1.1 million dollars, for the construction of a new shared administration office for the Town of Broadview and R.M. of Elcapo.

Almost 1.27 million in federal-provincial funding is headed to Rocanville, for repairs and upgrades to the town’s Aquatic Centre, while Watson will get nearly 224-thousand dollars for arena renovations.

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