Fire Ban in Place for the Rural Municipalities of Wallace and Orkney

The Fire Departments of Yorkton, Springside, and Rhien are issuing fire bans for the R.M.s of Wallace and Orkney, effective today (Thurs).

Yorkton Fire Chief Trevor Morrissey says this is due to “plus 30 temperatures forecasted for the next 4-5 days combined with decreased soil moisture levels creating an increased risk to harvestable crops.”

This ban includes any open air fires creating ash or embers not contained in an approved fire pit.

Approved fire pit:

(a) fires must be contained in a non-combustible receptacle constructed of cement, brick or sheet metal with a minimum 18-gauge thickness;

(b) Any Receptacle constructed of brick, or cement must be constructed so as not to allow embers to pass between bricks or mortar.

(c) Any receptacle constructed of sheet metal must be free from signs of decay.

(d) Grass and vegetation must be kept free from over growth minimum 48” (1220mm) from receptacle in all directions.

(e) A receptacle must be covered with a heavy gauge metal screen with openings not exceeding 13 millimeters

For residents in the City of Yorkton, the Fire Department says backyard fire pits remain under restrictive hours. Burning is permitted between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m.

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