City of Yorkton wants feedback from the public on 2022 Budget

A preliminary look at the City of Yorkton’s 2022 budget shows that tax payers could be seeing a 4.86% tax increase.

Mayor Mitch Hippsley notes that the increases are due to factors outside of the City’s control.

A breakdown of the possible increase is as follows:

  • RCMP Contract – 2.36%
  • Decrease in Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant (PST) – 0.50%
  • All Department Operations – 1%
  • Capital Projects – 1%

“This represents an increase of roughly $8.11 a month for property tax for the average resident, or roughly twice that for an equally valued commercial property,” the City said on its website. “With regards to our Water Utility, this budget includes the previously approved 3% increase to water rates as well as the $1 a month increase to residential water base charge. Residents will see an increase of approximately $2.30 a month towards their utility bills. This increase allows the City to better keep on top of its aging underground infrastructure.”

The budget will now go to the public feedback stage, where residents of Yorkton are encouraged to view the numbers and bring any questions they have to city hall.

Details on the proposed 2022 Budget and public review can be found here.


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