Premier Says Saskatchewan’s Vaccine Mandate Coming To An End

Premier Scott Moe says Saskatchewan’s version of a vaccine mandate, where you need proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for some businesses and facilities will end when the regulation expires at the end of this month, or it may be, in his words, “pulled forward”.

Moe suggests that Omicron is different from past COVID-19 waves the province has experienced.  He says vaccines reduced transmission during the Delta wave, but now there is transmission among both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Moe adds that Sask Party MLAs have been hearing that the public wants the mandate gone. Public health is looking at how this will unfold, and there will be an announcement later this week.

While making this announcement, the Premier was asked about his reaction to what has been happening in Ottawa with the truckers’ rally. Moe had said prior to the convoy reaching Ottawa that he supports the convoy and its message of getting rid of the federal vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the border into Canada, a mandate that the U.S. also has implemented. He condemns the actions of some people witnessed desecrating the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb and the Terry Fox statue, and those displaying Nazi symbols, and hopes that for actions found to be illegal, law enforcement will hold the individuals accountable.

He says, “I won’t ascertain between good and bad people but most certainly we should step in and we should stop some of the actions we have ultimately seen. We have all seen them on the news, but us as individuals and you as the media, we should always be separating out individual actions from the broader message that people want to bring.”


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