Manitoba, Federal Governments announce expansion of eligibility for the Manitoba Child Care Subsidy Program.

The Manitoba government is teaming up with Ottawa, to expand the number of subsidized child care spaces, while reducing the out-of-pocket costs to Manitoba parents.

Yesterday (THURS) in Winnipeg, it was announced that eligibility to the Child Care Subsidy Program will be expanded, allowing almost half of the regulated spaces in the province to be subsidized.

The province will also increase the net household income thresholds and allowable deductions for the Child Care Subsidy Program by 45 per cent, which they say will reduce parent fees by an average of 30 per cent.

To implement the new subsidy eligibility threshold, Manitoba will bump its annual funding up to 82.7 million dollars, with 64.5 million coming through the Canada-Manitoba Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care agreement for children ages six and under.

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