NDP Leader Says It’s Not Safe To Remove COVID Restrictions Yet

The Leader of Saskatchewan’s Official Opposition understands that we all want to see lift go back to normal, but with a large number of people in hospital and in ICUs with COVID-19, Ryan Meili says it’s not safe yet. This, in response to Tuesday’s announcement that vaccine mandates are done as of February 14th, and masking in indoor public spaces will no longer be necessary as of March 1st.

Meili believes there has been a pattern to the Premier’s decision making when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions. He explains that a year ago, Scott Moe decided to reduce restrictions as cases were rising, and ended up with a lockdown in Regina and avoidable deaths. Then, in the summer, doctors and others were asking for more restrictions leading into the fall and the new school year, but there was no response, and then in the fourth wave of the pandemic, hospitals were overwhelmed and ICU patients were transferred to Ontario.

Meili adds that the Premier has asked citizens to make their own choices and risk assessments, but at the same time, there is less information to do that with, because there is less access to PCR testing and daily updates have become weekly updates instead.


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