Canada And The United States Announced More Sanctions On Russia

Additional sanctions have been levied against Russia by Canada and the United States.

Both countries condemned the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, calling for an end to the attack, and for Russian troops to return to their home country.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced sanctions against 58 Russian individuals and entities which includes members of the Russian elite and major Russian banks.

In addition effective immediately, Canada is ceasing all export permits for Russia and canceling existing permits.

Trudeau notes that Canada’s quarrel is not with the people of Russia, but with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian leadership that supported the invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden announced sanctions that will limit Russia’s ability to do business in dollars, euros, pounds and yen, stop Russia’s ability to finance and grow their military, and impose sanctions on Russian banks that together hold 1-trillion dollars in assets.

While Biden pledged to protect its allies in Eastern Europe, US troops will not enter Ukraine to engage with Russia.

7,000 US troops have been deployed to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

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