Snow removal underway in Yorkton, Melville

Graders in the City of Melville will be removing snow from streets this weekend, after the latest snowfall.

Streets being cleared include: 7th Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 2nd Avenue West, and 1st Avenue, and the streets of Main, Queen, Columbia, Prince Edward, Halifax, and Dielschneider.

Prince William Drive, South Service Road, Veterans Way and Mall Road will also be cleared Saturday and Sunday.

The City of Yorkton was clearing First Priority Roads, such as Broadway Street, York Road, Queen Street, and Highway 9 within City Limits, overnight Saturday, then Second Priority Roads, such as Circlebrook Drive, and residential areas.

Yorkton also reminds drivers to slow down and pass when safe to do so when near a snow plow or grader.

(Photos: City of Yorkton)

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