Rivers Dam, Rapid City Dam will have permanent repairs done in the near future

The Manitoba government provided an update on two dams that were adversely affected by heavy rain in the summer of 2020.

Heavy rains in late June-early July resulted in high water levels on the Little Saskatchewan River, putting nearby communities and both the Rivers Dam and Rapid City Dam at risk.

There were initial concerns regarding the structural integrity of both dams but further inspection later that fall indicated there was no major damage or foundation erosion to either.

“As a government, we want residents in these communities and all Manitobans to be safe and have confidence in their local infrastructure. That is why we are investing in this critical infrastructure to make sure the Rivers Dam is properly engineered and built safely and to provincial and national standards.” Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwnuik said in a news release

The province awarded a contract to KGS Group Limited for the design of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Rivers Dam.

Piwnuik says permanent repairs are expected to begin next year and take about 3 years to complete.

He added “the province will continue to work with the municipalities of Riverdale and Oakview, local residents, landowners and the public on the repairs of the Rivers Dam through two rounds of stakeholder and public engagement expected to be conducted in the upcoming months.”

Piwnuik also says permanent repairs of the Rapid City Dam embankment is scheduled to begin this summer.

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