Riders launch Grey Cup Festival Legacy Grant Program


 On the heels of an incredible Grey Cup Festival and exciting Grey Cup game, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are pleased to launch the Grey Cup Festival Legacy Grant Program.

The grant program will help establish and support projects and programs across the province of Saskatchewan in the areas of youth, healthy lifestyles and mental health.

“The Grey Cup Festival is so much more than just a way to bring CFL fans together, it is a way to make a lasting impact in the province of Saskatchewan,” said Grey Cup Festival Operations Chair and Roughriders Chief Financial Officer Kent Paul. “Through the Grey Cup Festival Legacy Grant Program, communities across the province will continue to benefit from the success of the Festival – and it allows us to continue to support Saskatchewan’s greatest asset: our people.”

Saskatchewan municipalities, Indigenous communities and registered charitable organizations are all invited to apply for funding, with up to $50,000 available per grant.

The Grey Cup Festival Legacy Grant Program is just one aspect of the legacy of the 2022 Grey Cup Festival. The full impact of the Festival, alongside the winners of the grant program, will be announced later this spring.

Full grant criteria and the grant application can be found at Riderville.com. The application deadline is February 27, 2023.

(Riders Press Release)

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