Melville City Council meets with consultant to start hiring process for a new City Manager

The process of hiring a new City Manager in the City of Melville has officially begun.

Melville City Council held a special meeting with a consultant from executive search firm Raven Hill Group last week, to better understand what Council is looking for in the next City Manager, and how the firm can help with the search.

“It starts off with establishment of criteria – here’s what we’re looking for, a clarification of (Council’s) requests, and so on – and we talked about things like timelines and such.” Streelasky said of the Special Council Meeting held on February 15.

Earlier this year, City Council chose Raven Hill Group to aid them in the process, at a cost of approximately $24-thousand for their services.

Streelasky says the process is of high importance, which could take some time due to factors including, but not limited to, the new employee possibly needing to re-locate.

Chris Bruce is the Acting City Manager, and has been in the role since last October.

“I think the important part of our next step that we can all agree on is getting (the decision) right for the long-term,” said Bruce who was also in the February 15 meeting. “Really excited to see Council’s direction, appreciate the opportunity to weigh-in administration’s opinions on needs specific to our community on the internal (side) and looking forward to what that brings.”

The City hopes to have the successful applicant in place by June of this year.

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