46th annual Easter Seals Snowarama a huge success

The most successful Easter Seals Snowarama to date.

The 46th annual event raised a record $194,070 with 160 registered riders taking part by raising a minimum of 150 dollars in pledges.

The top 3 fundraisers were Ken Propp with $30,497, Rudy Flaman with $27,468, and Kevin Hrushka with $15,474.

Part of the grand total, $12,454, was raised in the inaugural Bowlarama for Snowarama, involving individuals who participate in the Easter Seals Program. 11 teams and 41 bowlers showed their support by raising pledges and bowling.

In addition, the Arizona Desert Chapter, which includes past Snowarama riders, raised over $65,000, according to Aleks Hoeber, Regional Director of the Yorkton Branch of SaskAbilities in a news release.

“We’re still tallying today (Mon) and tomorrow (Tues) the grand, grand total that came from the auction proceeds, as well as our wing night and raffle, so we may just cross over the $200-thousand mark,” said Deana Stroshein, Community Relations Coordinator with the Yorkton SaskAbilities Branch.

“We’re sure in awe of the incredible support.” Stroshein said of the local support at Saturday’s event.

Proceeds will support SaskAbilities programs such as Camp Easter Seal, Summer Fun, and Adaptive Technology Services.

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