Manitoba Harvest Nearing Completion: Crop Report

Harvest progress as of October 24 sits at 96% complete across the province, which is ahead of
the 5-year average (90%).
2023 seeding progress on May 16 the first crop report of the season was at 25% compared to the five year
average of 63% for week 20.
With good seeding conditions producers were able to wrap up seeding (97%)
by the second week of June in most regions. Which is on par with the five year average. (96%) Table 3.
Rainfall was variable throughout the growing season and regions that received timely rains saw improved
yields. Central region around the Carman, Elm Creek regions saw drier conditions throughout the season
and earlier harvested wheat crops saw lower yields in the 30 bu/acre range. This improved in areas with
later harvested crops.
Producers are becoming more aware of the need to scout their fields and identify weeds which escaped
their control or looked unusual. This is a normal part of integrated weed management, but is becoming more
important due to the introduction of waterhemp and palmer amaranth to the province. Waterhemp is now
present in twenty rural municipalities (RMs). 2023 saw numerous infestations particularly in the RMs of de
Salaberry and Emerson-Franklin.
Fall fertilizer and pre-seed herbicide application has been widespread this fall and has allowed most
producers to complete the majority of the fall field work before any significant wet weather.
Climate normals for total accumulated precipitation from May 1 to October 22 range from 296.7 mm to
427.7 mm and are based on 30-year historical data. Total accumulated rainfall remains variable across
agro-Manitoba. Much of the Central region’s accumulated precipitation is under 60% compared to the 30-
year average.
Soil Moisture 0 – 30 cm shows a regional representation of soil moisture conditions for the top 30 cm on
October 22, 2023 relative to field capacity. Soil moisture levels are variable throughout agro-Manitoba with
the majority showing optimal to wet conditions. Localized areas are showing dry or very dry conditions
relative to field capacity at the 30 cm depth.
Soil Moisture 0 – 120 cm shows a regional representation of soil moisture conditions for the top 120 cm on
October 22, 2023 relative to field capacity. The majority of the province is showing optimal to wet conditions
to the 120 cm depth. Some areas of the Northwest and a few localized regions are showing dry or very dry
Percent Normal Accumulated Growing Degree Days represents the variation of accumulated Growing
Degree Days (GDD) from the historical record over a 30-year period from May 1 – October 22, 2023. All
locations, have accumulated more than 100% of the 30 –year average since May 1. The majority of agroManitoba has accumulated more than 115% of normal GDD.

(Government of Manitoba news release)

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