Golfing at Deer Park Golf Course

It’s great when you work with someone so long that you have no problem being more of a pain in the a#$ to them than an actual co-worker! I mean Danny and I BOTH went out to Deer Park Golf Course to hide Benny’s Balls. But in the end I just made comments from the golf cart on where Danny was hiding them.

The biggest debate, do we hide them so they are easy to find, or do we make you guys work for the $1,000.00 gift card to Deer Park Golf Course? You’re lucky Danny was the one hiding them, cause he really didn’t HIDE the balls. He left them right out in the open.


Benny’s Best Ball! Find one at Deer Park Golf Course and get a chance to win $1,000! -Tonya Cherry- #fyp #golfing #winning #backseatdriver #golfballs

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Click the above link for all of the details. I don’t think Danny will let me tag along again to hide balls. Oh dear. -Tonya Cherry-

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