A Great Birthday.

Another year older and perhaps a smidge wiser! Yesterday was my birthday, and I can’t thank you all enough for the avalanche of birthday wishes! However, a quick PSA: don’t believe everything you hear, especially from Tonya and Benny! 😉 I had a good laugh when GX94 declared I hit the big 5-0! Spoiler alert: I turned 43. Sure, there are days I feel like I’m a century old, but let’s not rush it, people! I had a day off, which involved the ultimate lazy legend activities: lounging around in my comfiest clothes, savoring some me-time, and binge-watching movies that have been stacking up in my queue. It was glorious, and I nailed the art of doing absolutely nothing. You all made turning 43 feel like a walk in the park—or maybe more like a stroll through a cake-filled wonderland. Here’s to many more years of laughs, love, and fabulous laziness!

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