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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Danny Ismond just loves dressing up for the holidays.  This St. Patrick’s Day he wanted to be a leprechaun.

He first tried for the serious leprechaun look …

But we said, “No Danny, you’ll scare the little kids.”

So he decided to lighten up a bit …

DannyLepFinal We like “happy” Leprechaun Danny!

Jenna from Melville was our lucky listener who found Danny on our GX94 website.  She won herself a St. Patty’s Day Lucky Charms Prize!

Hope you enjoy Jenna.

Now, which is the creepiest picture out of the three?

35th Annual Kinsmen & Kinettes Sturgis Mini-Miracle

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

What a night we had in Sturgis last week with their Mini-Miracle.  I’m really honored to have been the host for this night for 4 years now.  GX94 has been with the Sturgis Kinsmen & Kinettes fundraising endeavor from the very beginning.  This year was a record breaking year.  At the end of Mini-Miracle we raised $32,716.00.  That is the most we have ever raised!

On Sunday the Sturgis Kinsmen and Kinettes presented Telemiracle39 with a cheque for $33,742.98 and over the past 35 years Sturgis Mini-Miracle has raised $794,494.00!  Absolutely incredible!

Every year we get to meet amazing people and hear their stories.  Like 9 year old Shaelyn Crook from Yorkton.  She has a rare bone disease and has had to go to Montreal many, many times for different tests and procedures.  The Shriner’s, Habitat for Humanity and Telemiracle have all played huge parts in helping Shaelyn and her mom Shannon with the costs and expenses of everything she needs.  Her story is one that really shows what Telemiracle and your donation can really do for a person!

This year was Chris Maxwell’s first year at Sturgis Mini-Miracle and we had a lot of fun.  In 35 years, he’s the first GX94 announcer to get on the “bed” with the ladies Preeceville BedPush fundraiser.  Good thing he’s cute. Not sure those ladies would have let me take a ride on their bed.

Our 2014 GX94 Star Search Champion Shayna Scherbey was with us as well.  She sang a few songs that night and talked about her year as the GX94 Star Search Champion.  I can’t wait to hear her new singles which are almost done and will be on GX94 soon.  What a talented, sweetheart of a lady!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who made a donation to Sturgis MIni-Miracle last week.  I can’t wait for next year to be on that stage again at the Sturgis Composite High School, ringing those phones!

Fun Fact for today … To cook 1 billion lbs of pasta, you’d need 2 billion gallons of water – enough to fill nearly 75,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Word of the day … panjandrum (pan-JAN-drum)
: a powerful personage or pretentious official

Facebook Manners

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015


English class was a really long time ago for a lot of us.  For me personally, I was never good at spelling, punctuation or grammar and I’ve found you can’t always trust spell check.  With social media we are constantly in communication with one another.  We have a few thousand people on our GX94 facebook page and we’re having daily conversations with them.  Whenever I post something, I read it and re-read it a few times before hitting enter/send.  Mistakes are missed and will be missed but I’ve found there is a blatant lack of caring when it comes to a lot of what people put out there online.

Here are a few examples of actual posts that were made by some of our GX94 Facebook Friends:

* no way that is for the Ladys to do

* nope u wont be super smart u’ll be 49,,,, but you may now a little better but ur demon child will say naaaaawwwwww lets do it again lol
(You’d be surprised how many times I actually can’t understand what someone is saying with their post.  Like this one, and this isn’t even that bad of an example compared to some we have had in the past).

* That’s a NO many today don’t know how to strike up a conversation with someone let alone use proper grammar , punctuation and spelling on Facebook or talking face to face

(This comment was made on our Facebook page today in answer to my question “Do you think it is okay to post on Facebook without using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling?” I think there are a few periods missing here).

As I said, mistakes will be made and missed when posting online, but you want to make sure people can actually read and understand what you are trying to write, right?  If you find any mistakes in this blog post, please email me –!

Fun Fact for today … In 1930 a washing machine cost $58.00.

Word of the day … sprightly (SPRYTE-lee)
1: marked by a cheerful lightness and vivacity (as of movement or manner) : spirited
2: having a distinctively piquant taste

The Book of Lost Things

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

I just finished reading this book last night with my book club.  John Connolly is the author and it was published in 2006.  If you’re looking for a creepy, twisted version of the classic fairy tales, this is the book for you.  It takes place in England during WWII and is about a 12 year old boy who is struggling with the death of his mother and re-marriage of his father and new step-brother in his life.

The boy, David, ends up being transported to a different world, a fairy tale world, but all of the fairy tales don’t make sense and are actually quite disturbing.  You get to see Snow White and the 7 Dwarves with a twist, Little Red Riding Hood with a horrible, disgusting twist, and meet a huntress who I think I will have nightmares about for many weeks to come.  This book would make a fantastic horror movie!

Just thought I would pass it on, if you are in need of a quick, yet disturbing read.

Fun Fact for today … The first canned foods appeared in 1810, but the can opener wasn’t invented until 1858.

Word of the day … chatoyant (shuh-TOY-unt)
: having a changeable luster or color with an undulating narrow band of white light

How To Get Away With Murder

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Have you watched this show yet?  Oh my goodness, you need to!  I am so glad my husband and I started watching this last year.  We were hooked from the very first episode!  The finale of season 1 is coming up tomorrow night.

Viola Davis plays the lead character, Annalise Keating, a kick a** lawyer who shows you “how to get away with murder”.  The character is a “sexualized, messy, mysterious woman” and in my opinion, is so refreshing to watch.  Annalise is real and you get to see she is not even close to being the “graceful, quiet, dutiful wife”.

Davis defied conventions by removing her wig and makeup on screen last year for this role.  You may think, “what’s the big deal with that”?  Well, women baring it on all screen, meaning no make-up, no mask, no glitz and glamor to be acceptably good looking is a big deal.

Entertainment Weekly did a big write up on Davis and the show and wrote about “Alessandra Stanley with The New york Times’ writing that Davis was “less classically beautiful” than lighter-skinned African-American actors and was someone who “doesn’t look at all like the typical star of a network drama.””

Are you kidding me?  I was shocked when I read this.  I can’t believe people still think this way, but they do.

All I can say is I love watching a show where the lead character is a strong woman, who’s real, you get to see all of her messy sides, but who’s true to herself.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show.

This show is so bad a** that they filmed two different endings for the finale so there would be no spoilers and writer Peter Nowalk wrote at least 3 different versions of the ending not knowing which way the show would turn.  Plus, it’s done so well that Viola Davis has signed a 7 year contract, which means there will be a lot more seasons!

Fun Fact of the day … The pilgrims refused to eat lobsters because they thought they were really big insects.

Word of the day
… gourmand (GOOR-mahnd)
1: one who is excessively fond of eating and drinking
2: one who is heartily interested in good food and drink

Facebook Manners

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

A co-worker sends you a Facebook friend request.  You’re not friends with this co-worker.  You like them, they are great to work with, but you wouldn’t invite them to your house or ask them to go for a drink.  There’s a difference between a co-worker and a friend you work with.

The question is, do you accept or decline their friend request?  You want to decline it, you don’t want them seeing your personal pictures and posts on Facebook, but may feel a little worried.  Will they be offended if you don’t accept it?

My thoughts … I actually recently unfriended a handful of co-workers that I had on Facebook.  I went through my entire friends list and asked if I was actually “friends” with these people, and if I wasn’t, why the heck were they on my list?

I think people use Facebook for different reasons and they need to respect how each person utilizes the site.  It’s up to me who I want to have as a “Friend” on there and if someone is put out that I don’t accept their request, obviously they aren’t actually my friend.

Fun Fact for today … The muscles that power a dragonfly’s wings make up 23% of its body weight.

Word of the day … thrasonical (thray-SAH-nih-kul)
: of, relating to, resembling, or characteristic of Thraso : bragging, boastfu

Facebook Manners

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015


My question today:

Does your partner have your Facebook password?  You could expand this question and ask, does your partner have your email and cell phone passwords as well?  If you say yes, is it because you think partners should share everything and of course they should have your passwords?  Nothing to hide, right?

If you say no, is it because that’s sharing a bit too much information?  You have nothing to hide, but they still don’t need to have access to everything of yours.

I think this is an interesting question.  For me, my husband doesn’t have mine and I don’t have his, but I’d have no problem giving my passwords to him.  I think it can be a slippery slope if you don’t share your passwords.  It is so easy in this day and age of technology to hide things you don’t want to have found.

I think in the end, it’s up to each individual couple.  No set rule for all couples would work.  But what do you think?

And if you missed it yesterday …

Here’s Danny the Diva of Mardi Gras.  Isn’t he pretty?


I Thought this Was Cute

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

I found a list of 11 Valentine’s Day Cards to Send To Yourself.  These all made me smile and laugh.  Why not!  Why wait for someone else to tell you they love you.  Tell yourself!

Pizza and wine, exactly what I wanted!  I know myself so well.

And this one, as cheesy as it may sound, is very true.  It made me say awe.

Remember to BE NICE TO YOURSELF, this Valentine’s Day.  You’re really your own best Valentine.

My boss is probably going to question this, in his mind, super cheesy blog post, but what the heck, I’m hitting “publish”.

Fun Fact for today … There are 24 flowers on every Oreo cookie.

Word of the day … poignant (POY-nyunt)
1a : painfully or deeply affecting the feelings b : designed to make an impression : cutting
2: being to the point : apt

Examples –  The shuttered storefronts along the city’s Main Street serve as poignant reminders of the economic recession.

Facebook Manners

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

I was having a very interesting conversation with my bosses last week, about all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to Facebook.  There were a few things that we didn’t agree on, which made me wonder about everyone else’s opinions when it comes to social media.  Just by looking at what friends post, there’s a lot of things that they do that I wouldn’t do.  So, once a week I’m going to put a question out to our GX94 land.  I hope to get lots of phone calls and get the conversation going.  I like hearing people’s opinions and knowing what you’re thinking.


My first questions is: Does a loved one have your social media passwords (facebook, twitter, emails, etc.) so they can take your info off of the internet if you pass away?

I’ve never really thought about this until recently.  Reading up on it, this is what I found Facebook has in place:

Facebook actually has an section dedicated to the three options people have with a deceased individual’s account:

1. Memorialize the account: which means turning it into a page where people can leave comments and celebrate your life.
2. Requesting to delete the account: which means that all information and data will be completely removed from Facebook.
3. Download the contents of the account, and then have it deleted.  Downloading the contents of the account requires a formal request where Facebook verifies you as acceptable to download the information, and then the process begins from there.

No one likes to think about death, having Life Insurance, putting together a Will, let alone worrying about your social media accounts.  But it may be something you want to think about so your loved ones aren’t left with figuring out what to do.   Or you could be like me, think about this for a little bit and then forget about it.

Fun Fact for today …  It would take two and half minutes to fall from the top of Mt. Everest.

Word of the day … eradicate (ih-RAD-uh-kayt)
1: to pull up by the roots
2: to do away with as completely as if by pulling up by the roots

Examples – The new mayor promised that his term in office would be devoted to reducing crime and eradicating homelessness throughout the city.


Into The Woods

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Last week my little sister and I went to see “Into The Woods” at the movie theatre.  What a great movie!  But a warning for you, it is a musical.  The movie is based on the Broadway musical of the same title which premiered on Broadway in 1986.  I grew  up watching musicals, so I loved it!

This movie has a star studded cast, with a couple of beautiful princesses and some pretty hot princes too.


I found it really interesting because you’re told the story of a few different Grimm Brothers fairy tales, but the original versions, not the Disney versions.  For example, in the original Cinderella, when the prince takes the slipper to the village for all of the maidens to try it on, the mean step-sisters actually cut off parts of their foot so the slipper will fit.  And once Cinderella and the Prince find each other, a bunch of birds come and peck out the step-sisters’ eyes, so they are left blind.  Guess that’s what you get for being mean.

If you can sit through a musical I highly recommend this movie.  It was fabulous.  If you have time right now, watch this video.  It’s a song from the movie.  The prince from the Cinderella storyline and the prince from the Rupenzel storyline (I believe supposed to be brothers in the movie) are singing about the beautiful maidens they have met and how agonizing it is.  The song’s called Agony.  My sister and I giggled the whole way through this song.

Fun Fact for today … 90% of time capsules are never found.

Word of the day …   tantara (tan-TAIR-uh)
: the blare of a trumpet or horn

Examples – A tantara announced the arrival of the Queen, and everyone snapped to attention.