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My Vehicle’s Name is …

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

It is Name Your Car Day today.  My SUV’s name is O.T.  No, it doesn’t stand for Over Time.  It stands for Orange Tardis.  You might be saying, “What the heck is a Tardis?”.

My husband and I are big fans of the show Dr. Who.  The Dr. is an alien who travels through time and space in his spaceship, the tardis.  On the outside it looks like a blue Police Phone Box.  But on the inside, it is a huge ship.  It’s bigger on the inside.  When we bought our orange SUV, the first thing my husband said was, “It’s bigger on the inside.”  Hence Orange Tardis, O.T.

My blog site is having technical difficulties right now so I can’t post a picture of what the Tardis actually looks like.  But there’s the story behind how my vehicle got her name.  Oh yes, it’s a she.

Fun Fact for today … Your chances of being killed by a vending machine are actually twice as large as your chance of being bitten by a shark.

Word of the day expropriate (ek-SPROH-pree-ayt)
1: to deprive of possession or proprietary rights
2: to transfer (the property of another) to one’s own possession

EXAMPLES: The city council rejected a proposal to expropriate private property for the highway expansion.


Monday, September 29th, 2014


We started with 10 bags of apples.  We stopped when we had 3 left.  I was helping my mom make applesauce yesterday.  Her applesauce is my favourite.  I won’t buy applesauce from the store, because it’s just not as good.  This is the first year I’ve been able to help her.  I figured if I actually wanted some, I better help.

I peeled apples for 5 hours.  That’s a lot of peeling and a lot of apples!  But I can’t wait to dive into the finished product.  My mom barely adds anything to her applesauce too.  Just some nutmeg and cinnamon and that’s about it.  Yum!

And …

Final Title Pgae 1200x1800
My next stop with the GX94 Christmas Goodies cookbook is this Saturday, October 4th.  I will be in Swan River with the GX94 motorhome parked in front of the Tourism Office.  I’ll be selling the cookbook from 10am-2pm MB time or until we sell out.  Come early to get your copy!

Fun Fact for today …  France was still executing people by guillotine when Star Wars: A New Hope hit theatres.

Word of the day rapier (RAY-pee-er)
: extremely sharp or keen

EXAMPLES: The wit and keen insight found in her blog are a testament to her rapier mind.

My Thoughts on The Maze Runner – Books and Movie

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

The Maze runner series is 3 books about our post-apocalyptic world by James Dashner.  The first one came out in 2007.  I read these a few months ago with my book club and by the end of them, I wanted to read something very cheerful!  The books center around a group of teenagers who are immune to “The Flare” a disease that the government unleashed upon the world to control the population.  But they released it without a cure.  “The Flare” basically turns people into Zombie like creatures.  For some reason, these kids are immune, so they are put through rigorous and horrifying tests to study their brain waves.

The world depicted in these books is scary and there’s all these different monsters the government made to test the kids.  Really creepy monsters.  The series was okay. I was actually looking forward to the movie more.  I couldn’t wait to see the monsters on the big screen.

I went to the movie last night, but I was sadly disappointed.  They made the first book into an action movie when instead I think they could have made a much better horror movie.  Here’s the trailer.

Fun Fact for today … For every human on Earth there are 1.6 million ants.

Word of the day teleological (tel-ee-uh-LAH-jih-kul)
: exhibiting or relating to design or purpose especially in nature

EXAMPLES – At dinner, Sandra and Miguel debated whether or not the complex structure of the human eye implied a teleological origin.

2014 GX94 Christmas Goodies Cookbook

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

2014 cookbook

The 4th edition of the GX94 Christmas Goodies cookbook is here!  I’m so proud of this cookbook and I can’t wait to share it with you.  It’s made up of the recipes sent to me last Christmas.  You probably heard me talking about all of the goodies that I was getting to bake and cook and I had a lot of these recipes on my blog.

A little history for you about the cookbook …
4 years ago at Christmas, I asked GX94 listeners to send me their favourite recipes.  I was newly married and needed help learning how to bake and cook.  I tried those recipes and then blogged about them so everyone else could bake along with me.  After Christmas, we decided to make a cookbook out of those recipes and sell it, with 100% of the proceeds going straight to local charities in SK and MB.  We had 50 recipes sent in by 23 participants that year.

This year’s cookbook has 164 recipes sent in from 110 different GX94 listeners.  Every single picture in the book is an original.  I made the food, photographed them, and then put the book together.  Over the past years we have donated $18,000.00 to local charities.  This year the cookbook is $7.00.   If we sell out, we will be able to donate over $10,000.00.

I am going to be at 9 different locations, with a 10th one coming, throughout September and October selling the GX94 Christmas Goodies cookbook.  These make fantastic presents and it’s really special to try recipes from women and men around your area.

Join me at:

Yorkton Toyota – Friday Sept. 26 – 10am-2pm
Moosomin Pharmasave – Wednesday Oct. 8 – 10am-2pm
Kelvington Legion Hall with East Central Co-op & Accent Credit Union – Thursday Oct. 16 – 10am-2pm
Good Earth Shop, Yorkton – Friday Oct. 17 – 10am-2pm
Parkway Co-op, Roblin – Tuesday Oct. 21 – 10am-2pm
Wadena Drugs – Wednesday Oct. 22 – 10am-2pm
Broadview Town Hall with the Hometown Co-op – Thursday Oct. 23 – 10am-2pm
Yorkton Co-op – Friday Oct. 24 – 10am-2pm
Yorkton Toyota – Saturday Oct. 25 – 10am-2pm

We have 1500 cookbooks to sell.  We are only bringing 150 cookbooks to each location though.  Please make sure you get there early.  Last year we sold out very quickly each time and I want you to be able to get your copy.


I can’t wait to see you this Friday at Yorkton Toyota and sell you your copy of the 2014 GX94 Christmas Goodies cookbook.

Fun Fact for today … There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on every beach in the world

Word of the day esurient (ih-SUR-ee-unt)
: hungry, greedy

EXAMPLES: No one was surprised that the esurient media mogul planned to expand his empire into the social-media marketplace.

Big Announcement

Friday, September 19th, 2014


I’m so excited!  Why?  I can’t tell you.  Not yet.  But I will tell you Monday morning.  Be listening for my chat with Danny Ismond around 9:20am.  I’ll let you know then, what the big announcement is!

Fun Fact for today … Nintendo was originally a trading card company.

Word of the day velar (VEE-ler)
1: formed with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate
2: of, forming, or relating to a velum and especially the soft palate

You Could Visit the Louvre When You’re in Paris

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

The Louve
If you’re our lucky winner of GX94’s Are you Romantic Enough for Paris, you will be on a 4 day 3 night trip to Paris this coming February with a romantic night out on Valentine’s Day.

One of the places you could go see is the Louvre.  It’s one of the world’s largest museums, it’s the most visited museum and a historic monument.   The museum is housed in the Louvre Palace, originally built as a fortress in the late 12th century under Philip II.  You can see remnants of the fortress in the basement of the museum.  In 1682, Louis XIV chose the Palace of Versailles as his home instead of the Louvre Palace.  Then during the French Revolution, the National Assembly decreed it should be used as a museum.

In the Louve
This is just one of the thousands of different things you can see in the museum.  Thanks again to my sister for the pictures.

Fun Fact for today … During the 15th century the French Monarchy disliked the Louvre so much they never set foot there, choosing instead better and more comfortable castles. It was even used as a prison for a time.

Word of the day hegemony (hih-JEM-uh-nee)
1: dominant influence or authority over others
2: the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group

EXAMPLES – Consumers welcomed the diversification of the software market as smaller innovators challenged the hegemony of the large companies.

One Stop You Could Make When You’re in Paris

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014


1 lucky GX94 listener and their loved one is going to be flying to Paris this coming February.  “GX94’s Are you Romantic Enough for Paris” gives you a trip there for Valentine’s Day, 4 days 3 nights!  I’m so excited for our listeners.

Luxenberg Gardens
One of the places you could go to while you are there, is the Luxembourg Gardens.  Here’s some fun facts for you, so you sound super smart!  The gardens and Luxembourg Palace were created in 1612 by Marie de’ Medici, the widow of King Henry IV of France.  She wanted to build a palace in imitation of her home in Florence.  Marie de’Medici planted 2,000 elm trees and directed a series of gardeners to build a park in the style she had known as a child.

The Seine
You’ll be staying at the 4-star Hotel Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel which is opposite the Seine river.  You could be walking along this beautiful river this coming February!  Imagine that!

Thanks to my sister for these pictures.  Yep, they weren’t just taken off the internet.  Someday, I want to go to Paris too!

Fun Fact – There are more than 30 bridges over the Seine in Paris.

Word of the day olfactory (ahl-FAK-tuh-ree)
: of, relating to, or connected with the sense of smell

EXAMPLES: The aroma of cinnamon rolls coming from the kitchen served as an enticing olfactory clue that breakfast was almost ready.

I Had to Share

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Parents usually want to share pictures of their babies when they are being super cute.  Well, this is my baby and she looked particularly cute last night.  I was eating my supper while watching football and I look down to find my dog Olive with her head right on my leg, just waiting and hoping that I giver her some “people food”.  Can you tell she’s spoiled?

Fun Fact for today … Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.

Word of the day pell-mell (pel-MEL)
1: in mingled confusion or disorder
2: in confused haste

Are You Romantic Enough for Paris?

Monday, September 15th, 2014

The Eiffel Tower
Have you called in yet for our contest, sending you to Paris for Valentine’s Day?  You have until Friday October 24th to call in.  We play a word for you and all you have to do is tell us if it is French or not.  50-50 chance to become a finalist and one step closer to going to Paris! Our winners will stay at the 4-star Hotel Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel which is located in the heart of Paris and a short distance from the Eiffel Tower.

My sister took the above picture.  She went to Europe last summer and spent a week of her trip in Paris.  Beautiful!  I’ve always wanted to go to Europe so it’s very exciting playing our contest everyday, knowing one lucky listener and their loved one is going to be flying to Paris in February!

I’m going to have a few more pictures and fun facts about the sites you can see on your trip.  Because you’re going to win! Yes, you!

View from the Effiel Tower
This was her view from the Eiffel Tower!

Fun Fact for today … The Eiffel Tower was built despite protests from 300 leading French writers and artists who saw it as a “hateful column of bolted sheet metal”.

Word of the day divarication (dye-vair-uh-KAY-shun)
1: the action, process, or fact of spreading apart
2: a divergence of opinion


Thursday, September 11th, 2014

This was my supper last night.  There is nothing better than homemade Borscht.  My husband is an amazing cook and he whipped this up for us.  He said though, that he looked through all of my GX94 Christmas Goodies cookbooks and he couldn’t find one recipe for Borscht.  I don’t think I’ve ever asked specifically for Borscht recipes.   So I am on strict instructions from my husband to ask for your Borscht recipe when we start talking about GX94 Christmas Goodies.

Fun Fact for today … The skin of a tiger shark is 10 times as strong as ox hide.

Word of the day exacerbate (ig-ZASS-er-bayt)
: to make more violent, bitter, or severe