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So Proud!

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

I’m bragging up my sister today!

Last night I was at the 2014 Tourism Professional Recognition Dinner in Regina.  Why?  My sister was being recognized for her achievements in the hospitality industry.  She is now 1 of 3 people in Saskatchewan who have their Certified Hotel General manager Credential.  This certification is only a year old in Canada and only a few people across the country have it.  It’s basically a certification saying you as a hotel manager know your stuff!  And know it well!

My sister has been in the hotel industry for many years.  She’s only 33, and in a few amount of years she has been a general manager at hotels in Yorkton, Red Deer, Edmonton, and now Regina.  With many of those hotels she was there from ground up, (brand new hotels being built, all the way to grand opening and the running of them smoothly and seamlessly).  She has her Bachelor of Hotel and Resort Management from the University of Calgary and has won the awards for New Property of the Year in Canada and General Manager of the Year in Canada.  (Just to name a few).

As the host of the night was introducing my sister she listed off all of these achievements and it made me very proud!  The President of the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council was there helping present the awards and she told my sister she wanted to clone her!  That’s a compliment!

My happy moment yesterday for Day 52 was being able to be there with my sister and see her receive her certificate and be recognized for all of her hard work and achievements.  (I’m not surprised at all that she’s such a great general manager and boss! She had lots of practice being a boss growing up, she bossed me around the whole time!)

Day 52

So if you’re ever in Regina for a Rider game and need a room you should stay at the Sleep Inn in Emerald Park, that’s her brand new hotel.

Day 51 happy moment: This was my bedtime snack.  I even ate it in bed!  I believe it’s called chocolate explosion cake.  My husband said he’d share it with me but in the end it was all mine!

Day 51


Day 50 happy moment: Sitting around a fire at my friends house after a great evening of ball.  This was the first fire any of us have been able to have and it was so wonderful!  You know it’s summer when …

Day 50

Fun Fact for today … The number of toothpicks you can make from one cord of wood: 75 million.

Word of the day turducken (ter-DUCK-un)
: a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck stuffed into a boneless turkey

I Can’t Believe I’m Half Way Done

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Today is Day 50 on my 100HappyDays!  I’m half way done.  Here were my happy moments from this weekend.

Day 48: Saturday night we were in Churchbridge for the first night of semi-finals with our 2014 GX94 Star Search.  It was a fantastic time and we had great talent!  This is the GX94 Crew just before we left after the show.  Kelsey, Nick, Jacob and myself!

Day 48
Day 49: Sunday …. Every Father’s Day, my older sister and I take my dad golfing.  Last year it rained the day we tried to take him.  This year it was raining again but we were bound and determined to get him on the golf course, especially seeing how he hasn’t had a chance to golf this spring/summer yet.

Day 49
Fun Fact for today … First prize in the 1850 French National Lottery: a one-way ticket to the San Francisco Gold Rush.

Word of the day matriculate (muh-TRIK-yuh-layt)
: to enroll as a member of a body and especially of a college or university

EXAMPLES: A spokesperson for the college said the school is expected to matriculate approximately 1,000 students for the fall semester.

My Thoughts on Maleficent

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


This past weekend my sister and I went to Maleficent.  I grew up watching Disney movies, playing that I was a princess and knowing pretty much every word to every Disney song.

Now as an adult, I struggle with the message Disney teaches little girls and what I will teach to my daughter someday.   Let’s be honest, there is no white knight.  There is no prince who will come and save you or the day.  Yes, you can fall in the love and have a wonderful marriage with your “prince” but to base all of your happiness, and happily ever after on a man is wrong and not good for you or for your man.

I absolutely love the new message Disney is putting out with movies like Frozen and now Maleficent.  Be warned, I might have some Spoilers today for this movie.  In Frozen the message was, an act of true love doesn’t have to come from a man, it can come from you, for your sister, for your friend, for yourself.  How powerful is that!  I’m tearing up just writing this, because, when has Disney, media, or society, ever taught a little girl that SHE is strong enough and filled with enough love to save herself.  SHE does not have to wait for a man.

In this new age telling of Maleficent, “true love’s kiss” comes from a very different source.  That’s all I’m saying.  But I loved it!   Plus you get to find out Maleficent’s story.  It’s a very interesting take. Now, if you have already seen the movie then I encourage you to read this article from Huffington Post.  It’s titled “The Maleficent Rape Scene That We Need To Talk About.”  A rape scene in a Disney movie?  There was nothing graphic and someone could argue that, that is not what happened.  BUT the scene to me definitely symbolizes rape, how easily it happens, how it completely destroys a person, and what is left.

I really loved the movie.  I thought they stayed true to the beauty of the original characters but you get to see a completely different side to the very, scary villain.

My happy moment for day 44 was my husband carefully trimming our lawn around our new lilac trees.

Day 44

Fun Fact for today … If a female ferret goes into heat and can’t find a mate, she’ll die.  (Well that’s not very nice.)

Word of the day crowdfunding (KROWD-fun-ding)
: the practice of soliciting financial contributions from a large number of people especially from the online community

An Amazing Show

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

About  8 months ago my sister called me and asked if I wanted to go to a piano concert.  We both grew up taking piano lessons and have a love for the instrument so I was down for this event!  We got our tickets and waited impatiently for “2 Pianos 4 Hands”.

Day 41
The awaited night finally came this past Saturday.  It was such an amazing show.  We actually laughed our heads off!  Two pianos, two incredibly talented pianists and the story of the life of a piano player.  If you didn’t know how to play piano I think the show wouldn’t be as enjoyable.  But if you did, you would get all of the jokes.  They acted out the story starting with two 11 year old boys practicing piano, then music lessons, music festivals all the way to the same two boys now at the age of 17 and what to do with a talent like theirs.

The show took me back to when I had to compete in Music Festivals, so nerve-raking, I hated it.  And the exams! I have my grade 8 Royal Conservatory.  Those tests were the worst!  Little me, behind a huge grand piano (the exams were the only times I was able to play a grand piano, and I couldn’t even enjoy it because I was so nervous), with one adjudicator in a big empty room.  I remember the exams usually being held at the Godfrey Dean in Yorkton.  I’d have to play scales, arpeggios, chords, ear testing, and finally your full songs, all by memory.  I’m getting stressed out just remembering it.

The pianists/actors made light of all of that.  My sister and I reminisced and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  I completely appreciate the incredible talent of a professional pianist.  I sat there thinking, “Man, I wish I could play like that!”  I could, but that’s a heck of a lot of work and I hated scales growing up!

What a night!  Here are my happy moments since this past Friday, as well.  Today is Day 44 for me on my #100HappyDays

Day 43: When I can actually get out of bed early in the morning I easily find my happy moment on my run.  The lilacs are blooming around the area!  My favourite flower!
Day 43
Day 42: Sunday my happy moment was getting to meet Brett Kissel at the GX94 Backyard Concert.

Day 42
Day 41: Saturday’s happy moment was being at the concert, “2 Pianos 4 Hands”.

Day 41
Day 40: Friday night my sister and I went out for amazing Italian food.

Day 40

Fun Fact for today … A female black bear can weigh 300 pounds, but her babies weigh only half a pound at birth.

Word of the day ambrosia (am-BROH-zhee-uh)
1a : the food of the Greek and Roman gods b : the ointment or perfume of the gods
2: something extremely pleasing to taste or smell
3: a dessert made of oranges and shredded coconut
EXAMPLES – The company drew criticism for advertising the children’s medicine as if it were ambrosia.


Our 2014 GX94 Backyard Concert

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Yesterday we went to Moosomin to the home of Joan Marie & Ted Frape.  This was for our 7th GX94 Backyard Concert.  I’ve been lucky enough to go to 5 out of the 7 and this one I think, was my favourite.  Our winners were wonderful people, very welcoming and extremely fun!

2014 Backyard Concert Joan & Ted Frape from Moosomin  (5) cropped
And our star … Juno Award winner Brett Kissel … well I can’t say enough good things about him.  He was so genuine, down to earth and really seemed to be having a great time.  As soon as he got to our winners home he was meeting people, giving out hugs, taking pictures and then he got right into the show.
He serenaded us for an hour and told us the story of his life all the way through.

2014 Backyard Concert Joan & Ted Frape from Moosomin  (17) cropped
I think my favourite moment of the whole day was when Brett Kissel asked if he could sing a song for our winners.  He invited them to dance as he sang them a Don Williams love song.  It was so heartwarming, Nikki White and myself both had tears in our eyes when the song ended.

Here’s a little back story for you on our winners.  They were married when Joan was 16.  They’ve been married for 47 years and you can tell that they are still in love with each other.  You don’t see a marriage and love that has lasted that long that often these days.  It was beautiful.

2014 Backyard Concert Joan & Ted Frape from Moosomin  (18) cropped
After the show was done, Brett sat down and enjoyed a good ole’ fashioned GX94 meal with our winners and their friends.  (Come on, how cool is that!  When do you ever see a country artist being that “real”?)

2014 Backyard Concert Joan & Ted Frape from Moosomin  (36) cropped

All in all the 2014 GX94 Backyard Concert was a wonderful day.  The weather was pretty perfect with only a little bit of rain, our winners were so much fun and our Country Star couldn’t have been a nicer guy or more talented!

2014 Backyard Concert Joan & Ted Frape from Moosomin  (30) cropped2014 Backyard Concert Joan & Ted Frape from Moosomin  (38) croppped
You can see more pictures and videos on our website.

Word of the day faze (FAYZ)
: to disturb the composure of : disconcert, daunt

EXAMPLES: My grandfather was a stolid individual who was not easily fazed by life’s troubles.

A Few Different Things

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

I have a question for you …. do you have any tips on growing lilacs?

Day 34
My husband and I planted 7 of them along our fence in our backyard.  I’ve always loved lilacs, they are my favourite flowers so I can’t wait to have a whole wall of lilac trees!  When you look for help on line with things, you are bombarded with 100 different websites, each with their own set of tips and tricks when it comes to what you’re researching.  That’s what I found when I looked up caring for lilac trees.

When I went to buy them at the greenhouse in Yorkton the man who helped me, who I know, knows exactly what he’s talking about (he is the professional) basically said I didn’t need to do any of the things I had read.  Lilacs are hardy and you just need to water them.  Oh internet, how you confuse me.

Do you have lilac trees in your yard?  Do you have any tips or suggestions for me?  I’d love to know what has worked for you.

And …. guess what …. I’m very proud of myself because I actually did something that I said I was going to do.  What’s that?  I started recycling.  On Earth Day this year I got an information notice in my mailbox and blue garbage bags, both to help people start recycling.  Say what you will, and think what you will, but I’m not embarrassed to say I didn’t recycle before. I always knew I “should” but I just didn’t.

Anyway, since Earth Day I have started recycling.  And to prove it I had to take a picture!

One more thing … today is Day 39 on my 100happydays.  I’m hoping to go golfing this afternoon if the rain stays away.  The whole golfing experience I know will be my happy moment.  But what was yesterday’s?

Day 38: Homemade sausage! Day 38

I was hanging out with friends and it’s become the trend to bring out homemade sausage towards the end of the night to snack on.  This was Chad Matsalla’s, one of our GX94 Sales Reps, and a long time friend of mine.  He’s served sausage with cheese in it before, that was my favourite.  Can you tell I love food.  Food usually makes me pretty happy!

Fun Fact …  Lilacs are native to Eastern Europe and Asia. The colonists brought them to America in the 17th century.

Word of the day sound (SOUND)
1a : free from disease, injury, defect, or error b : in good condition : solid and strong
2: showing good judgment
3: complete or thorough b of sleep : deep and restful

Example: The ideal candidate for the position is a proven leader who can make sound decisions and carry out a creative vision.

Day 36 & 37

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Yesterday was Day 37 on my 100HappyDays mission.  In the morning I interviewed Pam Tillis. That was my happy moment.  I’ve been able to interview quite a few country artists in my 7 years at GX94.  I’ve spoken to brand new artists who have one single on the air, just starting to make their way through the music industry, CCMA & Juno winners like Dean Brody and now a CMA & Grammy winner, Pam Tillis.

When you interview someone, it’s really easy to tell the ones who are new at it and the seasoned veterans.  Pam Tillis was so easy to talk to and I loved her speaking about her relationship with Lorrie Morgan now that they are on tour together.  She said that they toured together in the 90′s when they were both at their peak in their music careers, but they were so busy and rode different tour buses, so they really didn’t spend any time together.

Now on their Grits and Glamour tour which started in 2009, Tillis and Morgan have become best friends.

Day 37

Day 36 happy moment was my supper.  I don’t like cooking, I really don’t.  Mainly because I never know what to make.  My husband, he can take random ingredients and come up with something wonderful.  I used to feel bad, like I’m not a good “wife” because I don’t do the majority of the cooking.  I’ve gotten over that.  It’s 2014 and I’m the one who cleans the bathrooms in my house.  I don’t make the mess in the bathroom, so I think it’s perfectly fair that the one who actually likes cooking, is the one who cooks.

My point … we both got home from work, were both really tired and I was perfectly fine with making grilled cheese sandwiches for supper.  That was my idea.  Instead my husband whipped up this fantastic meal and I didn’t have to do anything!  Well, I did do the dishes after supper.

Day 36

Fun Fact for today … There are 850 different species of ticks.

Word of the day zowie (ZOW-ee)
: used to express astonishment or admiration especially in response to something sudden or speedy

#100HappyDays Weekend

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

This weekend was all about GX94 Star Search.  We had a great time!  My happy moment on day 33 (Friday) was with Kelsey Liebrecht our GX94 Promotions and Marketing Director.  We were backstage of the Parkland Room in the Painted Hand Casino.  Hanging out in their green room during the show and we had to snap a picture with us under the “lights” of the dressing room.

Day 33

Day 34: (Saturday) My husband and I planted 7 lilac trees in our backyard.  I love lilac trees.  They have always been my favourite flowers and I’m so excited to have a whole wall of them some day!

Day 34

Day 35: (Sunday) My happy moment for day 35 was my bedtime snack.  Some days you just need to cuddle up with a good bag of chips!

Day 35

Fun Fact for today … Porcupines have 30,000 quills.

Word of the day …. augur (AW-gur)
1: to foretell (something) or to predict the future especially from omens
2: to give promise of : presage

EXAMPLE: The state’s new first-time home-buyer program augurs a healthy jump in home sales this year.

Yesterday Was Day 32 #100HappyDays

Friday, May 30th, 2014

I had quite the morning yesterday.  I burnt my fingers with boiling water when I was making my tea.  That hurt!  When I got on the air I asked GX94 listeners what they do for a burn.  This was the advice I got: use vinegar, egg yolks, WD40, honey, burn bandages, and a few other options.  It was great getting to hear from people and their stories of what has helped them in the past.

My happy moment for Day 32 was easily this … I had a listener, Caroline Derrow drop off actual burn medication for me.  She was a FINGER SAVER!  You know how a burn throbs and throbs unless you have ice on it, as soon as I put this salve on my fingers they were fine!  I was actually able to concentrate on my job after that.  So a HUGE thank you goes out to Caroline Derrow!

Day 32: #100HappyDays

Day 32

Fun Fact
for today ….  Eiffel Tower is painted in three different shades of color. The darkest tone used at the base of the building, and the brightest – at the top. The tower is covered with 60 tons of paint every seven years to protect against corrosion.

Word of the day diktat (dik-TAHT)
1: a harsh settlement unilaterally imposed (as on a defeated nation)
2: decree, order

EXAMPLES: The company president issued a diktat that employees may not wear jeans to work.

The Rest of My Flower Beds

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

I have a few more pictures for you today of my flowers.  These are flowers that were already planted when we bought the house and are super hardy.  No matter how little I water them, they keep on growing and I think I’m pretty lucky.  This green bush grows fairly big each year and it has beautiful purple flowers that bloom.  I have no idea what it is though.

may 31 purple natural

I have tiger lilies and peonies that grow all on their own too.  Those are the green things poking out of the ground here.  I planted a grassy plant in front a couple of years ago.  The poor thing still tries to grow even though I keep forgetting to water it.  I’ll be better this year!

May 31 tiger lillies grasses

You’ve already seen a picture of the water fountain with the flowers I planted in it this year.  I love it.  On the ground in front of it is a bush of I think onions.  Again, these have always been there since we moved in and they are hardy.  The funny thing … with the fountain where it is, doesn’t it look like it’s a tombstone above a grave?  Oh dear.

May 31

And I’m posting this picture again because I freakin’ love my new gnome and my rhubarb plant is fantastic!  Plus I actually have a couple of recipes that call for rhubarb now so I’m excited to try them out.

may 31 ruhbarb

My day 31 happy moment #100HappDays yesterday was the above pictures.  My flowers are bringing me such joy this year so far.  And it’s only May 29th!

Fun Fact for today …  Elvis was nearsighted.  He owned $60,000 worth of prescription sunglasses when he died.

Word of the day motley (MAHT-lee)
1: variegated in color
2: composed of diverse often incongruous elements

Example:  Lenny went to the medieval festival dressed in the bright motley garb of a court jester.