Sask. Premier Moe Continues to Advocate for Pipelines at Global Petroleum Show in Calgary

Saskatchewan’s Premier says provinces that support the energy industry need to be more proactive in getting the message out about what the oil and gas sector means for Canadians, no matter where they live.
He also suggest if voters aren’t happy with decisions being made in Ottawa, the election is coming up in October.

Scott Moe spoke at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary today (Mon), bringing up the letter sent to the Prime Minister from six Premiers on Monday asking him to reassess Bills C-69 and C-48, because they will divide the country.

Bill C-48 would ban larger tankers from the north of Vancouver Island to the Alaskan border.
He read Trudeau’s response that it is irresponsible for Conservative Premiers to threaten national unity if they don’t get their way.
Moe’s answer to that is these policies aren’t their policies and these 5 provinces and 1 territory represent 59 per cent of the country.

If there is no pipeline access, Canada can’t compete. Moe’s answer is to get back to the 3 T’s – trade, transport and a fair tax and regulatory environment for a flourishing Canada.


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