Workshop Focusing on Issue of Animal Hoarding to be Held in Regina Wednesday

Those who work in human service, animal welfare, health care and enforcement agencies will come together for a one day workshop on animal hoarding in Regina tomorrow (wed).
Don Ferguson, executive director of Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan says there’s been a slight increase in the number of cases Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan has responded to in regards to animal hoarding over the last number of years.
Ferguson contributes the increase in the cases to people becoming more aware of the issue. He hopes those in attendance recognize there are two aspects to animal hoarding and that it’s key to take a collaborative approach or a one welfare approach, so that there’s focus on both the person involved and the animals.
Tomorrow (Wed) afternoon, those in attendance will consider ways on how to improve communication and cooperation between agencies involved in animal hoarding case in Saskatchewan.
The one-day workshop takes place at the Queensbury Convention Centre starting with registration at 7:30.

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