2016 GX94 Star Search Champion Amy McDade

I have been lucky enough to host GX94 Star Search for 7 years.  From our 2011 GX94 Star Search Champion Rikki-Lee Hort all the way to the year that Julianna Moore won in 2017.  I have so many great memories of our champions and their families!  Like our 2016 GX94 Star Search Champion Amy McDade.  Here’s my chat with her from today.  https://post.futurimedia.com/cjgx/playlist/12/listen-3260.html?cb=1562347908.242700&fbclid=IwAR1pM–IfmuprwsnxpYi6TpVL-qhIBaGt5DaeurKApZtXI9PGa08KQSsEb8

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