Some Concerns from Sask. NDP Regarding SaskPower’s 2018-19 Annual Report

The provincial NDP has concerns following SaskPower’s annual report for the 2018-2019 year.

The report indicated a net income of 197 million dollars, which is 51 million more than 2017-2018.

SaskPower also announced its plan to spend 19 million dollars later this year to upgrade power infrastructure after recent outages in different areas of Regina, but the NDP believes there should be more action.

Carla Beck from the Sask NDP says some of the misplaced priorities from the government’s investments should worry residents.

“A lot of concerns with exactly where SaskPower has been putting at least some of those funds that more reasonably should have been invested in things like new infrastructure…but also investing in renewables and I think Saskatchewan really has been late to the game on that investment.” Beck said.
Another concern Beck pointed to was the level of debt SaskPower has taken on.

SaskPower invested 833 million dollars into Saskatchewan’s electricity system in 2018-2019.


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