Meteorologists Trying to Gather More Information About “Possible” Tornado in Southern Sask. After Sunday’s Severe Weather

Meteorologists are trying to determine if Sunday’s severe weather had a tornado touch down in southern Saskatchewan.

Right now Environment Canada is saying it was a “possible” tornado, but meteorologists are hoping to acquire more information to confirm its status.

More funnel clouds and tornadoes have been spotted in the province so far this summer, and some are wondering if this is an abnormal amount early on in the summer.

 “This is absolutely on par for the summer,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang. “We have an average of 13 or 14 tornadoes each year in Saskatchewan. But sometimes we barely get any, so some years of maybe 3 or 4, other years we’ve had as many as 33.”
Lang mentioned that June and July are the busiest months for severe weather since crops give off more moisture before they start maturing.
People with photo or video of Sunday’s storm can email Environment Canada or post on Twitter with the hashtag S-K storm.

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