Sask. Government Insurance (SGI) Reports Good 2018-19 Fiscal Year

The 2018-19 fiscal year was a good one for SGI, both for the auto fund and SGI Canada insurance.

While the auto fund had close to 895 million dollars in claims, SGI Canada insurance reported a 48 million dollar profit, which reflected increases in all five province’s the crown insurance company operates in.

SGI Minister Joe Hargrave reflected on a highlight for him during the 2018-19 fiscal year, which was the introduction of rideshare legislation. He says work is being done to expand the service.

“We’re still looking as to what we can do in some of those smaller communities of a thousand people or less because there is a need there as well,” he said. “We’re talking and looking and seeing what we can do for all those communities.”
Hargrave addressed the unsafe driving trends in Saskatchewan, including distracted driving. He says operating a phone at a red light is still distracted driving.
“I think that people have to learn that when you’re driving, when you’re in your vehicle, and you’re the operator of the vehicle, you can not operate your phone.”
As well, Hargrave says Saskatchewan people now once again pay the lowest average auto insurance rate in the country.
This comes after Manitoba Public Insurance recently increased their rates.
File critic Trent Wotherspoon says SGI helps Saskatchewan families with affordable auto insurance.
“On too many fronts we see the Sask. Party hiking up the cost of living – and certainly a sell off of SGI would be a massive blow to affordability for hard working families across the province – and I see the great value that’s brought by SGI, and I see them as well planning for the future.” Wotherspoon said.
Regarding the operational and financial report, which was touted as financially stable, Wotherspoon says it goes to show the importance of crown corporations in Saskatchewan.
“And it just blows my mind that the Sask. Party government was in conversations and meetings to look to sell it off just a couple of years ago. It just defies any level of common sense, a sell off of this Crown Corporation would be an incredible betrayal of the best interests of Saskatchewan people.”

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