Agriculture Ministers Across Canada Met in Quebec City to Look at Possible Enhancements to Farm Support Programs

Farm support programs could see some enhancements in the coming year.
Agriculture ministers from across the country wrapped up their annual meeting today in Quebec City.
Saskatchewan agriculture minister David Marit says he was pushing for some enhancements to agristability.
“You look at some of the eligable expenses and that type of thing could be looked at. Is there an opportunity for the private sector – in compliment with Agristability – to offer some private insurance that way so that’s in the communication,” Marit explained.
“The administration folks will look at some of these changes that might be made and bring back an analysis to see if they could be implemented, and we’d like to see them implemented for the 2020 crop year.”
Marit says another meeting of Agriculture ministers is set for this fall to discuss improvements to agristability.

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