Manitoba RCMP Slowly Downsizing Resources in Search for Two B.C. Murder Suspects

The Commanding Officer of the Manitoba RCMP provided a statement Wednesday at a news conference, regarding the search for northern B.C. murder suspects Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod.
RCMP, along with the Royal Canadian Air Force, have been searching in the Gillam area ever since Mounties received a tip July 23 that the suspects were spotted there.
To date, 11-thousand square kilometres of land has been covered, “canvassed every home and searched every abandoned building in Gillam and Fox Lake Cree Nation.” according to Jane MacLatchy, Manitoba’s top Mountie.
“We searched rail lines, hydro corridors, lakes, rivers, vast areas of tundra and muskeg, dense forests and brush.
“However, even with this extraordinary effort, we have not had any confirmed sightings of the suspects since the burned vehicle was located.” MacLatchy said, referring to the grey 2011 Toyota Rav 4 the suspects occupied.
As a result, the RCMP will slowly withdraw resources from the Gillam area over the next week, but it was made clear by MacLatchy that the manhunt is not over.
The Royal Canadian Air Force is also withdrawing from the search but have told the RCMP that they stand ready to help if needed.
MacLatchy stated over 250 tips were received and followed up on, and again made the call to Canadians to be on the lookout for Schmegelsky and McLeod.
“Something that may seem insignificant to you may be extremely valuable to our investigators. If you have information – or if you believe you see the suspects – please contact your local police immediately.”

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