CN Rail and CP Rail Gearing Up for the Crop Year

The two national railways have increased their grain car supply target for the crop year.
CP Rail has added 200 grain cars per week and CN Rail has increased its weekly rail target by 150.
In winter, CP has added 250 cars and CN 150 cars per week.
CN vice president Sean Finn says the grain car spotting target has been increased to 5,650 per week.
In winter, the target rises from 4 thousand to 4,150 cars.
APAS president Todd Lewis says increased car supply is welcome and he hopes the two railways can provide the service needed to move the crop to market.
The executive director of the Western Grain Elevator Association, Wade Sobkowich, expects an average crop and is hoping for increased grain movement this crop year.
Although there were some issues, Sobkowich says grain companies were relatively satisfied with railway performance in the last crop year.

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