A “Substantial Bequest” Made to the Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan

The Health Foundation has received a huge donation from the estate of a woman who called Yorkton and the Wroxton district home.
The Health Foundation received over 282-thousand dollars, which came from the sale of three quarter sections of land in the Calder area Wasylina Lushney had owned before she passed away.
Those funds also went to the Kamsack Hospital and the Eaglestone Lodge in Kamsack.
“We are very grateful and thankful to receive a substantial bequest like this,” Ross Fisher, Executive Director of The Health Foundation said in a statement. “Wasylina Lushney was a very generous person while she was alive and made many generous contributions to help our work improving healthcare. We are very glad that she made a will that reflected her values, and that she continued to support the community and to help care for others even after she has passed.”

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