Delegates Gather in Prince Albert for Summit to Discuss Treaty Rights on Natural Resources

Although the Treaties were all signed years before the Natural Resource Transfer Agreement between the federal government and the provinces, First Nations were not included, and the First Nations from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are trying to rectify that.
The Western Treaty Nations Summit is in Prince Albert today (Tues) through Thursday to discuss the issues.
Prince Albert Grand Council Chief Brian Hardlotte explains the National Resource Transfer Act in 1930 transferred control of the land from the federal government to the provinces, but Treaties were signed years before that, with the understanding the land given to the Crown was ceded only to the depth of the plow.
Hardlotte says that leaves mining and hydro revenue open for sharing with First Nations, along with the responsibility for consultation.
He estimates about 300 delegates will be attending the Summit this week and the hope is to come up with an action plan and bring some awareness and education to the younger leadership and to anyone interested in learning more about the issue.

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