FSIN Urging Governments to Implement First Nations Suicide Prevention Strategy

After a rash of suicides in his community, Makaw Sahgaiehcan First Nation Chief Ronald Mitsuing says that he’s scared and that he can’t sleep anymore at night.


Last week, a 10 year-old girl took her own life, prompting the community to declare a state of emergency.


Now, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is calling on both the federal and provincial governments to immediately implement a Saskatchewan First Nations Suicide Prevention Strategy.


Fond du Lac First Nation Chief Louis Mercredi says they need long-term solutions. That includes programs and land-based education.


Mercredi says they had another suicide attempt in Fond du Lac Wednesday night, while Tommy Littlespruce, a Band Councillor with the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation says they had an attempt in their community this morning (thurs).


FSIN Vice-Chief, David Pratt says their children should be top priority once parliament resumes next week in Ottawa.


“They need to be a priority, because those kids represent our future. Those kids represent our future leadership and the future people that are going to be guiding our nations well into the future.”


Mercredi says they don’t have adequate housing and water and that most issues start with overcrowded housing, given that some homes accommodate up to 15 people.


Pratt says there has to be major investments by both levels of government.


He adds they’re calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all of the federal parties along with the province to step up and provide long-term supports.


Below is a link to the Saskatchewan First Nations Suicide Prevention Strategy put together by the FSIN can be found below.




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