Canadian Western Agribition Attracting Farmers from Around the World

The Canadian Western Agribition is attracting farmers from not just Canada, but also Europe.

Sophia Persson is a Simmental and Charolais breeder from Sweden and this is her first time at Agribition.

Persson says the event is very impressive. “It’s a large exhibition, by our measurements very large. Seeing lots of impressive cattle and finding inspiration and ideas for our cattle at home in Sweden.”

Hereford breeder from the UK Andrew Hughes is checking out the Canadian herds and is looking for new genetics to take home. “Just to take back and expand the gene pool in the UK and improve it in the way we are looking for.”

“I really like the utter quality and the milk quality here,” Hughes adds. “I think that’s a big improvement that we can take back to the UK.”

Robert Clarke is an Angus breeder from the UK and says he came to Regina to check out the differences between the herd in Canada compared to his farm. Clarke says he’s hoping to take some embryos and semen back to the UK to improve his cattle.  “They are a lot thicker and wider here than what we have back home, which would improve us a fair bit. Our herd is a bit too large so we want to get a bit smaller and get different genetics in basically.”

This year’s Agribition wraps up on Saturday.


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