FSIN Calling on Ottawa to Provide Funding for Transition from Provincial Child Welfare System

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous is asking Ottawa to provide $1.5 billion dollars in funding over five years to help fund their transition from the provincial welfare system.

On New Year’s Day, the federal government introduced legislation which allows First Nations communities to enforce their own child services laws under Bill C-92.

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron says the FSIN has a plan for their own child welfare programs and that their members are ready to implement jurisdiction to care for First Nations children, although they lack the funds to make the transition.

Vice-Chief David Pratt says the money would go towards building institutions that they need along with regulations, policies and procedures.

Chief Cameron says they feel there are around 10 thousand First Nations children in Saskatchewan that are in the child welfare system, although he says the Ministry of Social Services has told the FSIN that there are 5 thousand, close to 6 thousand First Nations children currently in the system.

Chief Cameron says First Nations children must be raised in First Nations culture and language systems and he acknowledges that the transition won’t happen overnight and that it will take time.

The FSIN plans to send a formal application to the federal government requesting for $360 million dollars a year over the next five years sometime next week.


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