Brain Development in Children a Focus of a Metis Nation of Sask. Conference

One of the big focus points of a Metis Nation of Saskatchewan conference on early learning and childcare is brain development.

Delegates heard from Anne-Marie Rollo, an Educational Consultant with Saskatoon Public Schools Friday morning on the topic of brain development in the early years of children.

Rollo during her 20-minute presentation said that the brain is built through experiences.

“What we need are caring and safe interactions with children to support healthy development and that really comes down to the caregivers and educational supports that are here today and having those conversations about why those are so critical for brain development.”

Rollo says the more that we make childhood education a priority, the more we know that healthy brain development will occur.

Glen McCallum, President of MN-S says many in attendance have experienced residential schools, foster homes and being apprehended and that its events like that in ones life that take a toll on the development of the brain.

“A lot of people in this room have been affected, a lot of Indigenous people, Metis people, have been affected, so she’s (Rollo) absolutely right in regards to what she said about the brain and how it hasn’t been nurtured properly.”

During the two-days, delegates will experience opportunities to network with early learning and childcare personnel throughout the Metis-Nation.

Community reviews will take place tomorrow (sat) between all of the MN-S regions with youth helping in the exercise.

Over 100 members are attending the event.


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