NDP Leader Ryan Meili Talks Reviving STC, Removing PST on Construction at SUMA Convention in Regina

Saying it impedes municipalities from making the choices to invest in key infrastructure, NDP leader Ryan Meili said again it is time for the Moe government to drop the PST on construction.

Meili made the statement Tuesday morning while addressing delegates at the SUMA convention happening in Regina.

Meili says it simply doesn’t make sense and he would certainly remove that if elected as Premier after the provincial election slated for this October.

It is a move that SUMA President Gordon Barnhart endorses.  He feels it is time for the government to remove the tax saying it would be huge for municipalities.  Barnhart adds if the move was done to gain some additional money while the province was looking to balance the budget, the time to remove it is now since a balanced budget is now once again in the equation.

Meili also said he would bring back some form of STC if elected.

“It’s been almost three years since STC announced it was shutting down.” Meili said. “It’s stranded lots of seniors.  It has resulted in some moving out of their towns to the city so they can make appointments.  It has hurt businesses, it has hurt farmers. It was not a good decision by government when this was done and I am glad to see people here continuing to pressure the government to restore bus service.”


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