Prime Minister Discussed Possibility of House of Commons Returning Monday

On Sunday, The Prime Minister discussed the possibility of the House of Commons making its scheduled return on Monday.

Justin Trudeau says that this would need to be done in a responsible way. The Prime Minister says the government has proposed to bring back a limited parliament every week and look at ways to expand virtual sittings. He says coming back each week to answer questions and pass legislation is something that is reasonable and acceptable to most parties.

Trudeau says that it is extremely important to allow elected members from every corner of the country to engage in parliamentary debate and discussion and that is why the government will push virtual sittings. He adds that accountability is important and taking questions from the media is a good thing, but it is also important that parliamentarians and opposition politicians get to ask questions of the government.

No official deal has been made at this time on how the House of Commons will return. Trudeau says most opposition parties have agreed, with the exception of Conservatives, who are requesting three in person sittings a week with a smaller number of MPs.

Meantime, there are now 33,922 cases of COVID-19 and 1,506 deaths in Canada as of today (Sun).


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