COVID-19 Update Wednesday May 6

COVID-19 Update Wednesday May 6
*20 new cases in Saskatchewan Tuesday, totaling 487. 310 people have recovered, 6 have died, and there are 171 active cases.
*The Saskatchewan Health Authority has unveiled a 4-step plan to reopen health care services. Phase 1 starts May 19th.
*1 new death in Manitoba yesterday, and 1 new case for a total of 7 deaths, and 282 cases. 19 cases in the Prairie Mountain region. 238 recoveries, and 337 active cases.
*Manitoba announces $45 million to help seniors facing financial hardship due to the pandemic.
*In Canada, 62,035 cases and 4,043 deaths. More than 26,000 recoveries. 919,000 people have been tested, 6.5% positive.
*Ottawa to provide $252 million to support the agricultural sector. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture had been seeking $2.6 billion.
*1.2 million cases in the U.S, with 72,284 deaths
*Worldwide, 3.8 million cases, 258,962 deaths, 1.2 million recoveries.

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