COVID-19 Update Thursday, May 7

COVID-19 Update Thursday, May 7
*25 new cases Wednesday, with 24 in La Loche and north, for a total of 512. 312 people have recovered, there are 194 active cases, and 6 deaths.
*The Saskatchewan government commits $7.5 billion toward economic recovery, including  $2-billion towards various infrastructure projects.
*2 new cases in Manitoba Thursday, totaling 284. The new cases are at a workplace in the Prairie Mountain region. 242 people have recovered, there are 35 active cases and 7 deaths.
*Between last Tuesday (April 28) and Monday (May 4), Manitoba RCMP received 95 calls related to COVID-19, with the majority for ten or more people gathered at a location. No charges were laid.
*In Canada, there are 63,485 cases, 4,232 deaths and 28,184 recoveries.
*Worldwide, there are 3.9 million cases, 265,657 deaths and 1.3 million recoveries.
*New Zealand is set to allow hairdressers and bars to reopen next week, and competitive sports to resume. The country had been under strict lock-down rules for 5 weeks.

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