Winners of Health Foundation Cash Lottery Announced

The 2020 Health Foundation Cash Lottery has been declared a success.
Proceeds of the lottery go towards purchasing medical equipment for the Yorkton Hospital.
Executive Director Ross Fisher says it did very well given current events.
“We had started the lottery before COVID and once the COVID-19 pandemic hit things kind of slowed down and stopped, but the last few weeks of the lottery turned around remarkably and we were only about 30 tickets short of a sell out, so it did very well.” Fisher said.
Winners of the lottery have been announced with Dianne Olson from Melville winning one thousand dollars a week for a year and Verna Baron from Canora winning 22-thousand 460 dollars from the 50/50 draw.
Others included Alice Light from Yorkton taking home $5-thousand, and the winners of one thousand dollars are Emily Achtemichuk and Bryan and Lynda Hermanson, all three from Canora, Blair Anton from Fox Valley, Kevin Ecklin from Stockholm, and Mona Daniel from Yorkton.

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