COVID-19 Update Saturday May 30

COVID-19 Update Saturday, May 30
*2 new cases in Saskatchewan Friday, for a total of 641. 570 people have recovered, there are 61 active cases and 10 deaths.
*Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says he’s in favour of a proposal from the CFL to use “hub” cities if there’s a 2020-21 season, although he says there have  been no talks from his end. Moe says public health would have to remain priority number one
*No new cases in Manitoba yesterday, leaving the total at 294. 273 people have recovered, there are 14 active cases, and 7 deaths.
*Canada as of last night had 89,418 COVID-19 cases, along with 6,979 deaths. 47,518 people have recovered. In the U.S, there are 1.8 million cases with 104,000 deaths. 385,000 people have recovered. Globally, there are now 6 million cases, with 364,000 deaths and 2.5 million recoveries.

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