Expanding Melville’s Landfill in the Detailed Design Stage

Melville City Council approved a motion to allow engineering consultant Clifton Associates to complete a detailed design of the Landfill expansion.
Public Works Manager Andrew Fahlman says once the design is complete, it will be sent to the Ministry of Environment for approval.
“Once we have that, submit a building permit to the R.M. of Cana and then when we do that then we will be bringing this back to Council for another vote, and support from Council, to engage in the capital costs associated with this.” Fahlman added.
Since the province is not allowing the City of Melville to traditionally expand outward, Fahlman says the plan is to expand vertically.
“First we’re going to be leveling the site because right now, we do have some contours in the land, and then we’re going to be placing down an HDPE Liner,” he explained.
The liner will be installed with a leachate collection system to prevent future pollution into the groundwater, according to a report summarized in the regular City Council meeting agenda, and gas vents will also be installed to allow any gas to be released and not trapped underground.
Overall, Fahlman is confident the plan sent to the Environment Ministry will be approved.
“After four years of passing papers back and forth and a couple hundred phone calls with the Ministry of Environment, they are excited about this project and what we’re doing,”
It’s hoped construction will begin this October and finish in late summer of 2021.

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